Immigration to Australia’s Criteria for Entry into the Country

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Immigration to Australia’s criteria, to be permitted to enter the country is not extremely different from applying for a visa to enter the United States or Canada. There are rules and regulations to obtain visa approval to enter Australia. There are applications, documents and tests that will be necessary to gain a visa to enter the country and to live or visit for an extended stay.

There are six main classifications of visas the Regional Sponsored visa, Skilled Immigration Visa, Family immigration visa, the Business Immigration Visa, the Retirement Visa and the Student Visa. The visas are based on immigration to Australia’s points system for tests that when taken points are awarded, and a visa granted. Each of the different classifications has their own tests and their own immigration to Australia’s criteria to meet, with their own specific point system. One of these tests is an English test, which will have a point system attached to it to count toward the visa approval.

It is crucial to determine which of the visa categories, is the right one, since each has its own immigration to Australia’s points. If there are questions, an immigration lawyer can help determine which class is the best choice.

Partner Visa

When an individual is already in Australia to bring their spouse and children who are under the age of 21 to the country, they will need to obtain a visa. The temporary partner visa is subclass 820 and will permit the spouse to enter Australia and stay for two years from the date that the visa was applied. Holding the partner visa it is possible to work and study, but not be eligible for government funding for education.

When the two years is up for the 820 subclass visa, it is possible to apply for a subclass 801 visa, which will change the eligibility from temporary to a permanent visa class. Then it is possible to work, study, enroll in Medicare and receive some of the Social Security benefits. It is also possible under this permanent visa to apply for Australian citizenship, depending on your eligibility for residency.

This visa will also have immigration to Australia’s criteria that will be required to meet in order to have the application approved. Applying for a partner visa does not guarantee that it will be approved, unless the requirements are met.


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