Immigration to Australia Rules to Meet

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Immigration to Australia rules to meet, begin with the application testing for a visa. The immigration to Australia by points involves the testing points. While each visa has different testing and points, one of the standard tests will be in the applicant’s proficiency of English. This test is important, but there is other immigration to Australia rules to meet in order to be approved for a visa to visit, work or live in the country, an experienced immigration lawyer can explain.

  • The skilled independent visa, which is a point based application will mean meeting age requirements and have a specific number of years work experience, along with the points from the English competency testing.
  • The 176 visa is a skilled sponsored visa, which is an independent visa that will require either family sponsorship or state sponsorship to be eligible to apply and be approved for this visa. The applicant will be permitted to enter Australia and travel for up to five years after obtaining the visa. State sponsorship requires the Australian state or territory to determine the skill and occupation are on the demand list. In this instance, the 176 visa is three-year visa and the applicant must live and work in the state they are sponsored. The applicant must pass the English IELTS test, which assesses their English level and with this visa, the applicant has full working rights. The worker and their spouse can also apply for citizenship, under this visa.
  • The skilled regional sponsored visa 475 applicants will need to meet age requirements, work experience and pass the English competency test. This is a state or family sponsored visa and when it is a family sponsored visa. The immigration to Australia’s criteria that must be met is the relative who is the sponsor, must be a permanent resident of Australia, and they must live within a designated area of the country. The designated areas vary from state to state. If the applicant is state sponsored, they are required to work and live in the designated area for two years. The applicant will then be permitted to apply for permanent residency.To ensure the occupation for one of the family or state sponsored workers visas covered your work experience type checking the immigration to Australia’s skills list will answer this question. The immigration to Australia’s jobs in demand will also mean an application process and the immigration to Australia’s points that must be accumulated to be approved for a visa.

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