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In this world, everyone wish for a better, peaceful and healthy life. It is because of this wish, the people always want to travel and settle in other countries which can fulfill their wishes. Australia is one of those countries which have the capabilities of fulfilling the wishes of the people who immigrate there. This is because Australia is a wealthy and developed country and it offer better opportunities to all its residence and Australia is always ready to welcome every immigrants who are eligible.

The latest policies of immigration in Australia contain two sections: Humanitarian and Migration. These two sections are the backbone for immigration policies in Australia.

The Humanitarian section is focus on the people who migrate to Australia for seeking refuge there. This also counts those refugees who entered in Australia legally and want safety and those who enter illegally. Although with Humanitarian Immigration, the Australia is flexible, but still holds the authority of refusing any application that are not eligible.

The Migration section of Australian immigration policy is categorized in three parts

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1. Special Eligibility: The immigration under Special Eligibility is focus on those individuals who were connected with Australia in past, for example, people with Australia as a birthplace but were raised in some other country or previous citizens of Australia.

2. Skilled Migration: The Skilled Migration has been given much significance in Australia because with skilled people migrating to Australia, the skill labor shortage can be solved there. This part is further categorized in three parts: Business Skill, General Skilled Migration and Employer Nomination.

3. Family Stream: Family Stream or Family Migration represents that Australia firmly believes in joint families. This part of the policy gives the Australian an Authority of nominating their dependent or close relatives, like children, parents or partner, to immigrate to Australia. If someone is migrating to Australia under this part of the policy, then the country holds the authority of asking for the DNA testing of the person with his/her relatives, if it becomes necessary.


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